Remember the times when searching for a vector icon on the Internet seemed like an Indiana Jones adventure? There were a few poorly regulated websites you could surf for hours wondering about their peculiar tags and search options, and very often you ended up with nothing. IconLeafs is a service that has changed those times.

Here’s Our Story

IconLeafs started as a project of two friends that were not satisfied with the whole process of icon posting/finding. Anthony, a graphic designer, became tired of making great icons that no one could find, while Gregory, our current CEO, tried to invent the database that will be convenient for everyone from a professional designer looking for inspiration and a way to upload their projects to a regular one-time database user trying to find the icon needed and not to get lost.

Meet IconLeafs Team

We’re a small but ambitious team, and our primary goal is to provide you with a collection of high-quality icons that will suit your professional purposes as well as the private ones. Here’s who you will find iт three cosy rooms of our main office:

  • Anthony Bullington(CEO), one of the IconLeafs founders and the most passionate professional you’ve ever met.
  • Gregory Freed (Designer and Developer), one of the IconLeafs founders and the creative heart and mind of our team.
  • Nancy Wells (Marketing Strategist), a non-stop coffee drinker who knows everything about product placement.
  • Ernest Hernandez (Back-End Engineer), someone who loves to share his knowledge of Information technology.

What We Do

IconLeafs provides you and millions of other Internet users with an extensive database of high-quality icons. We have more than a hundred designers from all over the world that make fantastic icons of different styles and textures for you to choose from. Members of IconLeafs team take part in conferences and workshops all over the world to improve their skills and gain even more knowledge. Our icons are made of pure enthusiasm and passion, and people working with us specialise in diverse design techniques so that it will be impossible for you not to find the item you need.

Write Us

If you feel like you want to become a part of IconLeafs, need some help with the website, or just want to say hi, please contact us via the contact form.