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A personalised icon is a tiny thing that eventually becomes one the most important features of your company, community or mobile application. It represents your philosophy and values in one small fragment of a phone or a laptop screen. Looking for a way to make it unique? Have some thoughts on what the message should be but not sure how to realise your ideas? Our ever-growing team of professional designers is here to help!

Icon Pack
  • 3 exclusive icons
  • 10 PNG sizes
  • only flat-style icons
Icon Pack
  • 5 exclusive icons
  • 14 PNG sizes
  • only flat-style icons
  • color-styles
Icon Pack
  • 10 exclusive icons
  • 14 PNG sizes
  • 2 icon-styles
  • 3 color-styles
  • Bonus: Youtube, App, Facebook and Twitter icon versions

Why Do I Need IconLeafs to Make My Custom Icon?

  • IconLeafs has a database of top designers from all over the world; all of them verified by our team. We won’t let your precious concept fall into the wrong hands.
  • All the payments are secured and proceeded with maximum safety. We hold escrow all your payments until the work is done and confirmed by you.
  • IconLeafs doesn’t get in the middle of your interaction with designers. Everything you want to discuss you discuss directly with them. But we’re always here to help you with the complications that may occur in the negotiation process.
  • If you need to make your unique icon, IconLeafs will legally brand it as exclusive, and it won’t be available to other users.

Where Can I Find The Design I Need?

In our database there’s a list of designers we work with, all of them are talented and high-skilled artists approved by IconLeafs team. You can browse through their portfolios to find someone you would commit to this vital mission. Or you can leave a request with the concept of your project. Designers interested in the offer will contact you and share their ideas on the project.

After you’ve found the professional designer you want to work with, you consider the terms of work and agree on the final cost of the project. Then you will be provided with a prepayment request from the designer. The work on the project starts right from the day the prepayment is made. You can contact the designer and discuss his work throughout all the stages. When you’re satisfied with the items, the project is delivered to you. Everyone is happy!

Find The Designer You Need

Now you know all the ins and outs of making your personalised icons with IconLeafs. Start looking for the designer whose works respond to your demands. If some sides of IconLeaf Custom Icon service are still unclear to you, please contact our team for more information.