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Join Our team

At IconLeafs we work with creative people and appreciate the individuality of every member of our team. There’s a hundred designers of diverse age, gender, and nationality already in our database. It’s your turn to join in!

Make Money

IconLeafs offers a lot of ways to make money online; all of them are legal and secure. You can upload your icons to our database and earn money from each download. All the payments are secured and checked by us so that you don’t have to contact the client and debate on the final cost of an item you’ve made.

If you upload your portfolio, we will include you in our Custom Icon Service database, and you will be able to make exclusive icon sets for the approved clients. When you work on the project, we minimise our involvement so that you could work directly with the client. However, we cover all the legal grounds of such collaborations, making sure that the customer has made a prepayment and holding it escrow until the project is done as confirmed by both sides.

Meet Our Client Database

We work on our client database just as much as on the one with the artists. There’s a set of premium customers that have done a few projects with us now and gained our trust. We will make sure that your negotiations with the customers go as smoothly as possible. As for non-exclusive downloads, you won’t have to face the clients and discuss the purchase of each tiny icon. Just make art, and let us deal with the rest!

Improve Your Skills

IconLeafs is an excellent platform for developing your artistic skills as every day you browse through the sets of popular icons and works of other designers. This way you’re taking a part of IconLeafs community and become a savvy artist. The knowledge of what kind of icons are most wanted by customers and what techniques are in fashion among the designers is precious.

Go Global

IconLeafs is a large and ever-growing professional community, but you don’t have to leave your comfort zone to join it. You can choose the time, the place and the pace of your work. There are no rules except for those you personally fix with the client on custom icon orders. The upload service is as flexible as it can get, and you regulate the amount of your work and uploads. Besides, our contract is not an exclusive issue. You can enter your data into other databases for icon designers.

IconLeafs Community Is Waiting

If you still hesitate about joining in, you can contact our team via mail or skype to discuss all the details of working together. You can also read our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information. Don’t hurry, sum up all the pros and cons of our offer, and start uploading!